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November 28, 2016

Its RaceTime!

PeopleFun have released their latest mobile game on Android and Facebook (with iOS to follow).This time, its Racetime! This racing game goes by the motto “Simple to play but challenging to master” and indeed it lives up to that. The premise of the game is sort of like a flashback to the 90’s when things like Scalextric were all the rage, those electric race car sets. Racetime is just like that, there is only one control – acceleration. Players must race around the track trying to get the best time without leaving the track boundary and slowing down in the dirt.

The game is delightfully fun and addictive. The races are short and you always feel the need to “just try one more time” to beat your time by those few more seconds. There are leaderboards, both global and friends. You can also play against other players ghosts, including your friends. There are some pro tips you can pick up from faster players ghosts. Studying how they use their acceleration strategically to move between lanes.

Each day there is a brand new level to play.

The game is great fun and its free to play. There are plenty of vehicles to collect too which can be purchased via coins you collect on the track and as you rank up. There are achievements on the Google Play edition too. Hop on over to the Google Play store to play now or head over to the game on Facebook. Good luck on the track!


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