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December 8, 2015

BonusXP release “The Incorruptibles” – mobile RTS game for iOS

BonusXP have today announced the release of their latest title “The Incorruptibles” which is landing in the iOS App Store today. The Incorruptibles plays at the teams strengths and is a mobile RTS game. The studio has partnered with MaxPlay to bring the game to the masses. The Incorruptibles as long been under discussion on a number of BonusXP’s blog posts as the “mobile RTS game”. Now all the dots can be joined up and we can see the final product. 

The Incorruptibles takes us back to the more traditional RTS mechanics of our much loved classic games like Age of Empires. Resource management plays a key role in building up your fortifications and army. Players can rush, build or turtle. The game extends the classic gameplay with crafting and heroes which can be levelled. The battles are fast paced to suit being played on the go, but this doesn’t mean the battles are in anyway lacklustre, they retain the thrill and excitement of your desktop RTS experiences, just now you can engage in RTS anywhere, on the move!

There is both PvP play as well as a story campaign which sees you rally your heroes against the “Corrupted”. Combining story, skirmish and PvP play The Incorruptibles has something for everyone. With a number of ex-Ensemble Studios staff working on the project, including the legendary Bruce Shelley you can be sure the quality bar is the highest it can be and proves that mobile RTS can work with the same thrill as its desktop counterparts. The gameplay and graphics are first class with a bright palette. Players can build outwards expanding their kingdom across the realm visually showing players progress against the corrupted and enemy player territory!

Launching in style

MaxPlay, the publisher working with BonusXP has put together two trailers for the game. Check out the first which is a video gameplay trailer and also the second which adds a little humour into the mix! This is part of a series of upcoming videos for The Incorruptibles

Download now!

The game is ready to download right now from the App Store via the link below. Requires iOS 7 or higher. The Incorruptibles is optimized to play best on iPad 3, iPhone 5, iPad Mini 2 and more recent devices. See you in-game!


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