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August 4, 2015

Microsoft announces Halo Wars 2 with Creative Assembly

Coming up to six years since the release of Halo Wars in 2009, Ensemble Studios final game before the studios closure, Microsoft have today announced a new sequel, Halo Wars 2. Microsoft’s 343 Industries will be working with UK based developer Creative Assembly to bring fans Halo Wars 2, taking the torch from Ensemble Studios and Robot Entertainment.

The CGI trailer was shown at the end of Gamescom in a nod to the original trailer to Halo Wars which was also shown as the closing trailer at the X06 event back in 2006. The CGI trailer shows Brutes as the possible primary antagonists. Details are thin on the ground beyond the trailer, there will be a new story but no word on what role say, the Spirit of Fire and its crew might have. We will keep our ears to the ground as we learn more. The game is set to be released in Fall 2016 on Xbox One and Windows 10. According to Kotaku it might be episodic.

Check out the trailer below. We hope that Creative Assembly will be able to capture the same great production values as Ensemble’s work on Halo Wars and take the game forward. Its fantastic to see Halo Wars continuing on. Ready for the sequel!


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