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October 4, 2014

Boss Fight Entertainment creating Age of Empires style RPG “Dungeon Boss”

Boss Fight Entertainment is the name of the studio whos staff are made up of the ashes of what was Zynga Dallas and originally Bonfire Studios, who were formed from the ashes of Ensemble. Phew! Thats alot of ashes and changes for these folk! The studio is lead by President and CEO, David Rippy, Chief Creative Officer, Bill Jackson, and Chief Operating Officer, Scott Winsett. All of whom are Ex-Ensemble staff.

Boss Fight has recently signed a deal with Big Fish Games to publish their upcoming game titled “Dungeon Boss”. In a statement to VentureBeat they announced:

“Big Fish Games is teaming up with gaming startup Boss Fight Entertainment to deepen the definition of casual games. The two companies are teaming up to develop and publish a new game that will introduce casual gamers to a genre that was previously only accessible to niche audiences of hardcore gamers.”

Dungeon Boss is a casual, strategy RPG game with elements of Age of Empires. The studio says that players will be able to pick up the game quickly calling it a “collectible RPG you can play in 10 minutes.”

Polygon described the game as:

“Dungeon Boss, distills the dungeon-crawling, boss fighting and team building elements of traditional RPGs into an accessible mobile experience. The aim, according to Boss Fight’s chief creative officer Bill Jackson, is to bring the collectible RPG to a mainstream audience, allowing players to dive in quickly to raid dungeons and fight bosses.”

It sounds like a very interesting concept bringing that magic formula from Age of Empires where casual players can pick up the game quickly and more hardcore players can spend their time and reap the rewards from playing with deeper strategy. It’ll sure be interesting to see what Boss Fight come up with as the team has excellent skills in this arena. Stay tuned to hear the latest news as this title develops! In the meanwhile check out the article on Polygon where they sit down with Bill Jackson to discuss the upcoming game.


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