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September 9, 2014

BonusXP forges partnership with Stardock

Today BonusXP, the studio formed out of some Ensemble Studios members headed up by Dave Pottinger, John Evanson and Jason Sallenbach have today announced that they have formed a publishing partnership with Stardock for their next game. In todays press release we learn that BonusXP are working on a PC Game, this follows the studios previous two mobile games, Monster Crew and Cavemania. Remember ES can also advise that their next game will be an RTS, perhaps going back to their core roots from the Ensemble days.

Todays announcement read:

BonusXP’s upcoming game will take advantage of Stardock’s Project Tachyon initiative alongside titles from Stardock and its other development partners. Tachyon’s cloud-based metagaming infrastructure is being developed under engineer Adrian Luff’s leadership in Stardock’s new Austin studio, and complements services like Valve’s Steamworks by allowing easy implementation of matchmaking and league play, cloud-hosted multiplayer contests, web-powered progress tracking, and more.

“Our partnership with BonusXP fits perfectly into Stardock’s philosophy of investing heavily into talented studios of experienced developers,” said Stardock president and CEO Brad Wardell. “The ongoing transition from a retail-centric model to digital distribution has opened up huge opportunities for developers to take control of their own destiny, and Stardock is putting its money in the hands of talented creators, to help them bring the future of gaming that they hold in their minds into reality.”

Bruce Shelley joins the team

In other big news for the studio they have also announced that the legendary AIAS hall of fame award winning Bruce Shelley has also joined the BonusXP team. Previously the spokesperson for Ensemble Studios we could often read of Bruce’s thoughts on his Ensemble blog. Its great to have him back working with the team at BonusXP and his skills in video game design will be put to great use on this new RTS project.

Things are shaping up to be a big year for BonusXP who have also seen headcount rise to 18. Having seen success with their previous releases we are sure that we’ll be seeing great things from the team on this new project with Stardock on board with their resources.

Keep a close eye out for more news on BonusXP and their upcoming game over the next few weeks!

Read the full press release on the BonusXP website.


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