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November 9, 2013

Wade and Make-a-Wish revisit Robot Entertainment after Echo Prime release

Echo Prime

A little while ago Robot Entertainment took part in a Make-a-Wish request for Wade Sharp, a boy who struggles with brittle bone disease (Osteogenesis Imperfecta) which makes it very difficult to engage in physical activities. His condition means that video games are a very important part of Wade’s life. In June earlier this year the bots welcomed Wade to the studio to help make his wish come true. Wade’s wish was to see how games were made and to become a character in a video game.

After spending some time with the bots Wade’s very own model was created for Echo Prime and was included in the game. Presenting “Wade The Supermaster” as below:

Now with Echo Prime’s release Wade The Supermaster is now unlockable in game! To celebrate the release of Echo Prime and Wade’s character the bots invited Wade back into the studio and presented him with his very own iPad so that he can enjoy Echo Prime.

Robot CEO Patrick Hudson presents Wade with his new iPad

The question is have you managed to unlock and meet the Supermaster yet? Get playing Echo Prime and see if you can unlock the Hero!


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