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August 5, 2013

BonusXP and Yodo1 announce “Cavemania”!

Those of you who were fans of the excellent mobile game Monster Crew you will be very excited to hear about BonusXP’s newest mobile game that has just been announced – Cavemania!  BonusXP are partnering with Chinese publisher Yodo1, the same publisher who Robot Entertainment selected to take Hero Academy to Chinese territories. So what are the genius minds at BonusXP upto this time around you might ask. Well the good news the game features a strong blend of strategy as we have come to expect from our Ex-Ensemble founded studios. Cavemania is a match-3 strategy game where casual match 3 gameplay meets resource-management strategy.

The Story

The Chieften


The game is all about this fellow, the Chieften. At one point in time the Chieften was the bees knees and helped is clan climb to the top of the food chain. He was very well-respected. However, one day tragedy struck and the Chieften and his tribe were no longer top of the food chain. Instead dinosaurs have begun taking over and it is up to you to help the Chieften get back to his righteous position at the top of the food chain!

Its great to see that BonusXP have taken the time to put together a back story for the game in similar vein to what they did with Monster Crew. And just like before they even have an awesome, and high quality, video explaining the story. Check it out:

The Game

At heart the game is a match 3 game. Players are presented with a board and by matching 3 of the same thing they can proceed. As players win levels they can unlock tons of items, upgradeable units and buildings. However there is a whole lot more to the game than just matching 3 things. Oh yes, this is the great minds of BonusXP we are talking about. Here is what they have to say about their game.

  • Enjoy truly old-school Strategy. Inspired by Age of Empires, you will lead your tribe on a journey through prehistoric perils. Plan your strategy as you gather resources using familiar match-3 gameplay. Place units and buildings on the game board and use them to achieve victory! But choose wisely, because you’ll be fighting to survive against the elements and prehistoric foes.
  • BONK AND SMASH! Unleash powerful special abilities. Send a Sabertooth flying with the Warrior Bonk. Stun a snarling T-Rex with your Slinger. Use your Hunter to lure a hungry dinosaur into an ambush.
  • Evolve your tribe. Advance through the campaign to unlock a bevy of new units and buildings, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Increase your power with persistent upgrades to your favorite units. Explore multiple paths to victory depending on the units and buildings that you choose to use.
  • Every Chieftain enjoys a friendly rivalry. See your friends’ progress. Beat their scores. Challenge them to beat you!
The great news is that the game will be coming to all major mobile platforms, that means it will be coming out on both Android and iOS. The game will be free to play, and like Monster Crew it will feature optional in-app purchases. The release date is currently penned for around September 2013. So not long to wait!


We are very much looking forward to this exciting new strategy game. Keep your eyes peeled here at Remember ES for more news and screenshots soon!

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