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October 10, 2012


Kenny Newell interviews Tony Goodman. Ensemble Studios, Robot Entertainment and PeopleFun founder

Fantastic news for all Ensemble fans. Our expert audio interviewer Kenny Newell has managed to bag an absolutely superb interview with Tony Goodman, founder of Ensemble Studios. Tony was kind enough to invite Kenny into his house to talk about Ensemble and his newest venture, PeopleFun over dinner. The hour long interview takes fans right through Tony’s video gaming career starting right at the beginning when Tony first formed Ensemble Studios with close friends and colleagues from Ensemble Corp. This interview is an absolute must listen for all Ensemble fans where for perhaps indeed the first time you can listen to Tony first hand explain how the Ensemble journey began and his motivations. There is great insight into life at Ensemble and how the Age games came together. The Ensemble Studios acquisition by Microsoft is also discussed at length.

As we move through Ensemble’s highly successful history we learn about how Halo Wars came together and how the management of Microsoft lead to Halo Wars being a Halo game as opposed to its original incarnation headed up by Graeme Devine. Later we learn from Tony about the circumstances surrounding the studios closure and how things came to be with Robot Entertainment and Age of Empires Online. There are no assumptions or speculation here, with Kenny’s interview we learn about the full facts straight from the Studio Head himself. I wont go into it too much in text form, as you really need to listen to the whole interview to understand the circumstances fully.

Moving forward to present day Kenny quizzes Tony on his latest venture PeopleFun and that studios first brand new game “Word Chums“. If you can’t get enough from this interview about Word Chums then don’t worry as Kenny will also be presenting his audio Word Chums review too! The Word Chums review will be available here on Remember ES in just a few days time. You’re going to want to be checking back often and keeping a close eye on our Twitter feed thats for sure!

Now is the time to grab a nice drink and sit back, relax and tune into this brilliant audio interview by hitting the play button below.

Play now!

Great job Kenny!


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