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April 11, 2012

Orcs Must Die 2 announced!

Orcs Must Die 2 has been announced by Robot Entertainment. Here you can find a summary some of the news generated by this exciting announcement. So here we go, here is your quick round up of all the latest OMD2 news and FAQ’s!

Listen to the Robot Radio interview

To catch up on all the OMD2 news you really have to start here. This excellent interview between Robot Fan’s @radiokenny and Robot Entertainments @sixokay the interview discusses the announcement in some more detail and provides a good insight into how the game is shaping up. Some of the things discussed includes the co-op feature, change of weapons, the Sorceress as a playable character, brand new upgrade system, plus lots lots more. So tune in now for your quick OMD2 news bite! Hit play below!

 Robot Radio Interview – Orcs Must Die! 2and Hero Academy [ 12:10 ]  Play in Popup | Play


This has to be one of the most exciting features of OMD2. Co-Op is something that has been heavily requested in the first game and now all those people will be getting their wish as OMD2 brings a complete Co-op experience. No longer will you have to face the mob on your own, team up with a friend and take them on together!

New campaign

OMD2 will feature a brand new campaign. Infact the campaign starts just days after we left off after the War Mage closed the rifts. Or so we thought, it seems. The campaign will feature all new levels and for the first time some out door levels. We’ll no longer be restricted to castles which should add some more interesting visuals into the mix.

New playable character – The Sorceress

Fans of the original OMD campaign may well recognise her as the “evil protagonist” in the first game. This time however it seems that despite putting the Order into disarray before she is now fighting on the good team along side the War Mage. The Sorceress will be available to play in both single player and co-op. Exciting times!

New enemies, traps and a brand new upgrade system

This new outbreak of Orc invasion has resulted in some brand new un-seen enemies to spew out from the other side. It is only suitable, of course, for players to be kitted out with a whole new set of traps and spells. A whole bunch of the favourite traps from the original OMD will be a making a return on the new game and combined with the upcoming new traps and spells players will be enjoying a fully stocked arsenal for their Orc killing rampage.

A new spell book is also on the cards plus a brand new upgrade system that completely overhauls the old 5 skull system. As mentioned inRobot Radio the new system will cater for multiple upgrades per trap and there will be new ways to earn skulls. Happy days for us!

PC Only – no XBLA

A bit of sad news for XBLA players, OMD2 will be PC only. This comes down to a number of things, particularly time and resources to make an XBLA version. Although the XBLA version of the original OMD enjoyed a good community presence it was felt the PC community was alot stronger and by devoting more time to this platform will help provide an even better experience. If you have found the controls on PC hard to use in the past, never fear, there will be support for the Xbox control pad to be plugged into the PC. More details about the XBLA support can be found on the forums.

Its coming this Summer

That’s right – it wont be long until we’re thrown back into the action in the race to climb up the leaderboards as we destroy every single Orc that dares come our way. Summer is only a few months away folks so expect to be playing this real soon!

More news at PAX

The Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) is taking place this weekend which will be perfect for Orcs Must Die! fans as there is sure to be a whole bunch of additional information, interviews and videos. We’ll be covering it all here on REF so stay tuned! Ears to the ground, War Mages!




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