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February 15, 2012

Dwarves en route to Hero Academy come February 22nd

Good news for budding Hero Academy players – the brand new team to join in the fray are the Dwarves and will be hitting the academy on February 22nd! We’ll be seeing this new and exciting team in just one week!This news comes hot on the heels of the new board which is also being released on the 22nd and is available free for all players. Whatsmore, the the update is also bringing Gamecenter and leaderboards support – boom, just like that! Not to mention some balance changes are also on the cards.

Robot Entertainment has detailed some statistics about the Dwarves and describes them as “extremely crafty” and that they gain improved bonuses when placed on bonus squares. The Dwarves also feature and expertise in wide area attacks. Details about the new hero faces are as follows:


(Class: Fighter) – Holy warrior who can heal and revive allies, healing herself in the process.


(Class: Shooter) – Shooter who deals high damage to a nearby enemy. AOE damage at range.


(Class: Caster) – Lobs molotovs over enemies for AOE damage. Weak melee attack.


(Class: Support) – Shields a single ally/crystal. Higher bonus from premium squares.


(Class: Super Unit) – Deals heavy damage with AOE knockback. Direct hits weaken physical defenses.

All this coming next week – February 22nd!

I’m sure all Hero Academy fans will be looking forward to this exciting new update!


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