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January 11, 2012

Hero Academy available globally – Initial thoughts!

Today marks the global release of Robot’s Game 3.0 – “Hero Academy” the light-hearted tactical strategy game for iPhone and iPods. Players choose their teams and then go head to head with their friends in “friendly” battle. The goal of the game is simple, try to destroy the opponents crystals before they destroy yours. Players make use of a number of different characters and items to achieve this goal, and the best will results will be the players who choose the right combination at the right time. Check out the latest launch trailer:

Having played a couple of games this evening I have been very impressed with the game. Starting with the basics the user interface is clean and intuitive. The art style encourages the games sense of light-hearted battle and approachability along side an equally encouraging music track. The first impressions are certainly excellent. Players can log in to the game via their existing accounts. No account? No problem! The sign up process for new users is incredibly easy and fast, just enter in your email address and choose a password and that’s it, you’re good to go! No pesky forms or long registrations to trawl through.

Once signed up and logged in, hitting “Play” it is then time to choose your opponent. Players can either choose a friend whos Robot ID they know, or can search randomly for an opponent. Once the opponent is decided a brief introduction screen is displayed which describes how to play the game. The instructions can seem slightly daunting at first, but not to worry. As soon as the game starts players can get help on every single item in the game by pressing the help button in the corner. The help system is very comprehensive and it is clear a lot of attention to detail has gone into providing players with all the information they need to get right into the game. During my first play through I found it took me a few goes to work out precisely what was going on, a few turns later though and I was in the know. Overall I felt it was a very good experience playing the game for a first time and learning the ropes. The game feels very refined in this regard and it is clear that Robot tried hard to make the game as approachable as possible.

As for the gameplay experience itself, its addictive, really addictive. So much so you may want to make sure your iOS device is fully charged before playing as this game is hard to put down! There is certainly a lot of thrill and excitement when you make a cunning move to out with your opponent. The asynchronous game-play particularly fuels the addictive feel to the game as you can sit down and have a number of games buzzing away with a few players all going at fast pace. If you’re ever bored and need to fill 10 minutes a game of Hero Academy is all you need. Of course if speedy games are not your preference you can always play the game at a more leisurely pace.

In terms of pricing the core game is priced at a very accessible price of FREE. This is a great price for the game as it will result in a much larger population of players and increased exposure. Payment for the game comes in the form of extra content packs such as additional teams, colours and taunts. I much prefer this payment model for mobile games. Those players who enjoy Hero Academy will no doubt look to stand out from the crowd and can purchase extra content for as little as £0.69.

Overall Hero Academy looks to be a very exciting and addictive game that you should definitely check out on the iTunes store right away. After all with the price being free what have you got to lose? Nothing!  What have you got to gain? Well.. a whole lot of fun! Check it out now using the iTunes link below! See you in-game! (UK) (All other regions)


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