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December 5, 2011

Kenny Newell goes on location to interview Justin Korthof at Robot Entertainment HQ!

Avid Age of Empires Online players and Robot forum-goers will no doubt recognise Kenny Newell often under the guise of “RadioKenny”. Usually Kenny is the man behind adding a touch of humour to the community with some golden humour classics such as:

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This week though Kenny has been doing something a little different and has travelled down to Robot Entertainment HQ to take the time out to interview Robot’s Community Manager, Justin Korthof. The 25 minute audio interview takes us through the life of Robot Entertainment, rising from Ensemble’s ashes, working on Age Online, releasing and marketing the studios first original IP plus some discussion about the upcoming Hero Academy coming this winter. The audio interview is a must listen for all Robot fans and Kenny throws some detailed questions in Justin’s direction looking back at the marketing of Orcs Must Die and the thoughts and ideas which preceded making the game. Not to mention some tid bits about Hero Academy plus some top community manager tips.

With tons of facts and useful information you’re gonna want to grab a nice warm drink and sit down to this excellent interview which is a first for Remember ES. Enjoy!

Why we must kill Orcs, the opening of a new Hero Academy and what it takes to become a community manager at Robot Entertainment…

Press the play button below to listen:

Special thanks to Kenny Newell for taking the time to do this!


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