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September 28, 2011

Orcs Must Die prequel comic available for download!

The creative minds at Robot Entertainment have now released the prequel comic book for Orcs Must Die! The comic takes readers through the prequel back story and tells us all about the history of the important rifts and how the Orcs came to ravage the land. It also tells us alot about the kind of character the war mage is and his history.

I’m not going to spoil it too much as you really should check the comic out – its full of humor too! Not only does the comic detail the back story up to where the game starts – it also has a bunch of exclusive artwork from some of the bots at Robot and some community art pieces. It’s really interesting to see how different artists can paint different pictures of the Orcs Must Die world.

The comic book looks awesome there has definitely been a ton of effort put into it – its polished and professional, with a touch of Robot humour on top!

I’m not going to talk too much about this one – just click the link below and jump right into the one and only edition of the Orcs Must Die prequel comic, with the story by David Leary and Justin Korthof and outstanding art and design by all the bots!

Orcs Must Die! Prequel Comic book

Once you’ve had a browse of the awesome comic, next stop is Bart Tiongson’s blog, an excellent read particularly if you are a budding artist in the making. His blog details how he went about designing the front cover (pictured above) for the comic book. Numerous concept designs are detailed along with a timeline of all the forms the art went through to reach the final piece.

Check out Bart’s blog right here:


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