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August 4, 2011


Prawny interviews Ryz0n over at RTS-Sanc

Age Community, or “AgeCom” for short has had numerous moderating personalities over the years to name a few we have the likes of Yeti, Paragon, Lethe (Aloysius), MrMilo, SOLUS, Thunder and various others. Yesterday Prawny over at RTS-Sanctuary interviewed the current AgeCom moderator Ryan “Ryz0n” Chaply. So if your’re hanging around AgeCom and want to find out a little more about the famous moderator, check out this interesting interview which includes information about how Ryan became moderator for the peaceful land that is AgeCom.

The interview also includes tid bits like word association and what its like moderating the community and details about his role at Microsoft Studios. Oddly, Ryz0n isnt so keen on the Community Server software which powers AgeCom which I personally think is pretty awesome, but we wont go there.

Needless to say its always good to put a face to people on AgeCom beyond the avatar so check out Prawny’s Ryz0n interview on the link below!

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