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August 9, 2011

About Windstorm Studios & Dusty Monk


With Atomic City adventures launching in under a week, Windstorm sole employee has taken to his company webpage to describe the journey taken so far to bring Atomic City to market. Dusty Monk had previously worked at Ensemble Studios since 2000 where he first worked on Age of Empires 2, The Conquerors. Before Ensemble Dusty worked at Midway on games like the incredibly popular Hydro Thunder.

When Microsoft tragically closed Ensemble Studios in 2009, the talented software programmer decided to pursue his own passion to build his own game idea. Dusty formed Windstorm Studios as sole employee, investing his severance pay from Microsoft to hire artists and animators to bring is dream game to life. At first Dusty wanted to build a massively multi-player online game, or MMO for short. Sadly this project was slightly too over enthusiastic as building an MMO as a one man band sure isn’t easy! A whole lot of investment and time would be required to accomplish something like that.

Instead, Dusty focussed his efforts to create a unique single player game, Atomic City Adventures. Based on the same prototype for his MMO game Atomic city takes players far into the future with fast flying cars mixed with traditional car designs. One day Dusty hopes to create an Atomic City based MMO, hopefully subsequent to the success of the soon to be launched single player game. I am sure Atomic City Adventures will be an excellent game coming from someone so passionate about his own idea and look forward to playing it come August 15th.

Wishing Dusty the best of luck that one day he can turn his Atomic City world into a fully blown MMO. Check out Dusty’s website at for his full article about Windstorm Studios –  a must read.


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