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July 18, 2011


Microsoft Studios to publish Orcs Must Die on PC and XBLA this Summer

Robot Entertainment has today announced that Orcs Must Die is coming to PC and XBLA. We have always known that the game was due out on PC and Consoles however todays announcement helps narrow down which console that will be! Publishing the game will be Microsoft Studios and they will be publishing the game on both the PC and XBLA platforms. It seems despite the tricky situation with Microsoft closing Ensemble, these Ex Ensemblers are still working with the publishing giant. Its not a bad thing at all, Microsoft has alot of power in the publishing front, especially for the XBLA platform and the partnership should hopefully get the game some extra exposure. I understand that Robot will continue to do the marketing and community side of things, so it wont go the way of Age of Empires Online on that front.
Robot’s CEO Patrick Hudson had this to say about the partnership:
“Players on both Xbox LIVE Arcade and PCs will get their chance to massacre orcs by the thousands soon.  We’re excited that Microsoft shares our orc bloodlust and will publish the game.”
A few questions have been raised about whether the game is still coming to Steam now that Microsoft is publishing the game. A Steam release is still on the cards, Microsoft will be publishing the game to Steam as opposed to their own Games for Windows Live platform. Slightly odd I know!

Comic book incoming!

Also announced today is a comic book to go along side Orcs Must Die. The comic book acts as prequel material and details how the world was taken over by savage monsters before heroes rose up to help drive them back. The comic book will have a limited print run and will be available for free at the Comic Con event in San Francisco on July 23/24th. So if you’re around be sure to go pick it up! Passers by will also get the opportunity to play the game first hand and try out the many traps and weapons used to terminate Orcs.

A 2 page preview of the comic book is available online at the Robot blog and can also be found below –  just click to enlarge.

Further pages will be made available later this summary digitally. Just keep your eyes peeled on! Also don’t forget to check out todays announcement blog post right here:

Robot has numerous comic book fanatics on the payroll. Remember ES is quietly confident of at least one of the bots behind this idea!

Its not too late to guess the release date and win swag!

Although Robot has announced the publisher for Orcs Must Die.. its not too late to try and guess the release date for the game. We know its coming this summer.. but when exactly? if you can hazard a guess you will be in with a chance of getting some awesome swag! Read more about the Orcs Must Die release date competition!


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