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June 11, 2011

Zynga with Friends releases “Hanging with Friends”

Zynga’s “With Friends” studio, who used to be known as NewToy have just announced their latest game to hit the iOS market – “Hanging with Friends”. Taking the hugely popular “With Friends” series further, this new game is based around the traditional Hang Man game. One player is tasked with choosing a word while the other player has to guess the word by guessing which letters match the word. The player guessing only has a limited amount of guesses before the game is over and normally that player is hanged when the game is over. That’s not necessarily very positive so Zynga have brightened up the concept and made it feel a bit more positive – say hello to pretty colourful graphics!

Instead of gloom and doom its balloons and lava! Players literally “hang” with from balloons as they guess words. Take a look at the full Zynga blog post below fully detailing the game along with some screenshots. The game is available free for iOS devices. No word on an Android version or any other mobile OS yet sadly. The game can be downloaded from the Apple App Store on the link below. If you enjoyed Words with Friends you should certainly like playing this – give it a whirl!

Zynga’s release announcement blog post

We’re thrilled to announce our newest game: Hanging With Friends, a new twist on the classic game of hangman. And it’s live on the App Store now!

In Hanging With Friends, we invite you to challenge your friends to a battle of wits by creating and guessing words to stump, amuse or impress each other. Like hangman, you only get so many guesses before you strike out, but unlike hangman, we’ve replaced the doom and gloom of the gallows with colorful balloons suspending you high in the air with a lovely view of…well, a pit of lava.

But who doesn’t want a little danger injected into their standard word games? Speaking of which, if you’ve enjoyed Words With Friends, we think you’ll love Hanging With Friends. You’ll notice a similar layout from the beginning: same look and feel, matching games list and the good old yellow tiles. You’ll get a random set of letters to create your moves. You can chat with friends in the game, get push notifications when it’s your turn and have up to 20 simultaneous games. You can even use the same user name you have for Words or Chess With Friends.

Also like those games, there’s a surprising amount of depth to be found in the game play.

For example, we took the points system of Words With Friends and added it in with a twist. Now points earn you coins, which you can use to buy lifelines to give you hints on those tough to guess words (say, arcane 14th century English words your friend played by submitting nonsense until something went through). We also show an instant replay of your friends’ guessing attempts to give you a glimpse into their playing strategy. And the number of strikes allowed for each word depend on the size of the word, so if you spell a longer word, your friend will have fewer attempts to guess it. Size does matter.

So there’s as much thinking involved as you want there to be. You can sweat over every letter guess and rack your brain for hours coming up with brilliant words, or just hang around and enjoy the scenery.

Until, that is, you lose your balloons and plunge to your death in the lava pit of dooooom!

Hanging With Friends is on the iOS App Store for play on the iPhone and iPod touch. Also check out the trailer on YouTube.


Download for iOS

Download Hanging with Friends free from the App Store at:


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