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June 6, 2011

Windstorm Studios announces: Atomic City Adventures – the Case of the Black Dragon

In amongst all the excitement of E3 news today, a small studio in Texas also announces something we’ve been eagerly awaiting the past few days. Windstorm Studios after its four day preview now reveals to the world “Atomic City Adventures – the Case of the Black Dragon”! Not only do we have a title announcement we also have a trailer and a bunch of screenshots. So lets jump straight in and see what Windstorm has been working on the past few years. Lets start with the trailer reveal.. and get ready for some retro music!

As can be seen the game play is just how Dusty at Windstorm promised from the beginning – lots of fun flying cars! In the trailer we can clearly see VSF officer Pam Rodgers taking control of a number of vehicles as she goes about policing the city. We can also see differences between flying high in the sky and hovering over roads where we can also see some the classic car models as previously promised. The retro soundtrack and character design combined 1950’s art style set in futuristic times. I have said this before and i’ll say it again.. there is something about this project which reminds me so much of The Jetsons!

The trailer shows combat taking place from vehicles. However foot based missions are also on the cards according to the announcement. By the looks of things the message of the trailer shows players will be taking up the role as Pam Rodgers as she undertakes missions to clean up Atomic City. The title of the game is appended with “The case of the black dragon”, this suggests there is one big overall mission for Pam to accomplish which will be a key focus of the game. Perhaps the “black dragon” is the name of a certain individual or group that Pam has to track down in Atomic City, or perhaps its something completely different – get your detective hats on folks! Lots of futuristic weapons are on the table including lasers, blaster and missile launchers. Also expect a whole bunch of vehicles for players to pilot!

Along with the awesome retro/futuristic combination trailer we also have a whole bunch of screenshots so you can see more of the world up in detail. Take a look at some of these!

To round things off below is the official press release from Windstorm Studios detailing all the announcement facts. One particularly noteworthy item is the release date time frame – Dusty is on course to bring this game out this Summer! That’s right.. its only a few months or even weeks away now! I very much look forward to jumping in this retro / futuristic world. The game will be released digitally for Windows Vista / 7. There’s no word of XP support and no indication of how the game will digitally distributed or if a publisher is on board. However, I expect the game will be self published by Windstorm and will probably be on the Steam platform if not others. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on this game as it gets closer to launch this Summer! Check out the full press release below:


Game Developer Windstorm Studios, Based in Dallas, TX, is Proud to Present Atomic City Adventures – the Case of the Black Dragon, its premier game for the PC.

Dallas, TX (June 6, 2011) – Windstorm Studios unveiled what they’ve been working on for the past two years in announcing their premier title – Atomic City Adventures – the Case of the Black Dragon.

Atomic City Adventures is an exciting, third person action adventure game in set in a cool, retro-futuristic world in which players will pilot hoverbikes and flying jetbikes while battling villainous robots and vicious thugs.  Players take on the role of Agent Pam Rodgers, a member of an elite crime fighting task force – The Vehicular Strike Force, to fight crime on foot, on hoverbikes, and in the in the air on jetbikes, using a variety of weapons including blasters, laser rifles, and missile launchers.

Atomic City Adventures – The Case of the Black Dragon will be available this summer through digital distribution for  Windows Vista and Windows 7 personal computers.

For more information, be sure to visit our facebook page at and our home page


Based in Dallas, TX, Windstorm Studios is a developer of video games committed to bringing fresh ideas and exiting, inviting worlds to the interactive entertainment industry.  Windstorm Studios was founded in 2009 by by industry veteran Dusty Monk, whose credits include work on the Age of Empires franchise, Halo Wars, and Ready to Rumble. More information on Windstorm Studios can be found and Follow us ontwitter at @ws_studios.

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