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June 2, 2011

Windstorm Studios announcement coming in just 4 days!

If Age of Empires Online this August and Orcs Must Die! this Summer its not enough Ensemblite action for you then you’re in luck!  Windstorm Studios was also formed after Ensemble Studios’ closure. Unlike other studios Windstorm is almost certainly the smallest studio run by just one man – Dusty Monk. After over 2 years of hard development work Dusty will soon be in a position to announce his brand new game to the world in just four days time. A few months ago Remember ES and Dan Griliopoulos at PC Gamer managed to catch up with Dusty in Dallas to see how he was getting on we managed to see some exciting new screenshots and learn more about the games retro-futuristic science theme. With a mix of futuristic flying cars combining them with classic car models from the 1950’s, Windstorm’s project was certainly something very unique. Refresh your memory by checking out the PC Gamer article.

Something a little bit different.

With Dusty’s heritage at Ensemble Studios we can be sure some of the key design principles will be used again in the game – expect to see a great first 15 minutes of fun and some engaging colour palette. Over the next few days we are going to see the first few glimpses into Dusty’s world and I am sure many Ensemble fans will be very excitied to jump into this exciting universe. The first of four teaser images has been uploaded to today highlighting what is probably one of the cities in the game, Atomic City.

Click the image to read more about Atomic City

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more preview content over the next few days with the big announcement on June 6th. Mark it in your calendars now folks!


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