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June 4, 2011

Day 3 of the Windstorm Studios teasers – the Vehicular Strike Force. Plus news about the AOE-O retail box

Its day 3 of the Windstorm Studios teaser series for an upcoming announcement of a new game. This time we learn about the Vehicular Strike Force which has recently been set up in Atomic City. The VSF help to combat the vehicular based crimes in the city after it was determined local police forces were corrupt and ineffective. The VSF only answer to the Federal Council so there is less chance of any shenanigans. The VSF is lead by Hank McKenna a veteran police officer from Atomic City. My guess would be that players will be taking the role of Hank McKenna in his task to help clean up the city and deal with vehicular based crime. Lets wait and see what teaser number 4 has in store for us!

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Age of Empires Online – retail pack pricing

We know that Age of Empires Online is a fully online based game and that it will be distributed digitally via Games For Windows Live. However, as we learned a few weeks ago there will also be a retail pack available at launch. Since then Microsoft has clarified on the AOE-O online forums what this retail pack will contain. We also have the cover art for the retail pack too.

So whats in the box?

The box will contain a download key and instructions for how users can download the game. There wont be any game files on disc – you’ll still need to download the game files over the internet. The retail back wont be a shortcut out of a lengthy download I’m afraid! Of course, the download wait is well worth it! So if you dont get the game files on disc.. what do you get with the retail pack? The answer is some cool goodies and an exclusive feature as below:

  • Upgrade to the Premium Greek Civilisation. Players who buy the retail box will get immediate access to the premium Greek civilisation features including Advisors, rare and epic items and more.
  • An exclusive in-game store called “Windy’s Wild Widgets” featuring exclusive items to buy and sell
  • Limited edition poster and advisor cards for all you collectors out there!
  • A hot-key guide so that nimble players can study all of the hot-keys to get started with the game.

How much?

How much is all this content worth? Microsoft are pricing the retail pack at $19.99 which I think is fantastic value. Marketed as the “Greek starter pack” the retail edition gets you the upgrade to the premium Greeks right from the get go with access to exclusive in-game items and physical cards this is the perfect package for Age fans. In addition the retail back gets the game good exposure in stores for those who haven’t yet jumped on the digital distribution band wagon.

Players should remember that each premium civilisation costs $19.99 separately so essentially with the retail pack you are getting exclusive access to Windy’s Wild Widgets and physical content for free. Its a bargain!


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