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May 17, 2011


Orcs Must Die – trap spotlight: Wind Belt

Believe it or not despite the blood and gore of menacing equipment and traps like the spikes, maces, cross bow and boom barrel – there is actually a much more greener way to despatch the Orcs. The Wind Belt is the latest edition in Robot’s OMD trap spotlights. This magic is truly for the eco-friendly conscious, blow the Orcs away with a gust of wind. Blowing them into strategic places like spikes and lava is of course, most recommended! The Wind Belt is the second type of magic the War Mage can use that we have seen so far, the previous being the fire ball.

Check out the new spotlight video below demonstrating the magic in action. Don’t forget Orcs Must Die is due out this Summer so you will soon be in a position to take revenge on Orcs for any reason that you see fit!

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