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April 27, 2011

Orcs Must Die – new video and screen shots revealed with more to come!

Robot Entertainment has today unveiled a new Orcs Must Die video and a whole bunch of new screenshots. The latest video looks at the Arrow Wall trap and is the first in a number of upcoming videos to demonstrate other traps before the game launches this Summer. The arrow wall can be placed on most walls in each level and fires arrows towards the Orcs as they go past. These arrow walls are perfect to help reduce the size of a large wave of Orcs when they come charging towards you. Place an arrow trap on both sides of a corridor wall and you have a very nice double whammy affect!

Wall arrows *and* tar pits – now that’s painful!

Looks like some demon like Orcs can take to the air!

Check out the video and new screenshots of the game below. No mercy is shown for the Orcs, so if Orc based violence is not your thing – you best turn away now. Otherwise, take a look and prepare yourself for more new content next week as there will be weekly video updates served up over at !


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