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February 26, 2011

Chris Taylor of Gas Powered Games talks to Venture Beat about Age Online

Chris Taylor, CEO of Gas Powered Games who have recently took over the Age of Empires Online development from Robot Entertainment has given an interesting 6 minute interview to Venture Beat on his thoughts regarding Age Online. Chris Taylor re-affirms the community that his studio are excited about the game and post release content. There will be a number of booster packs post launch including vanity packs to jazz up capital cities and packs to unlock premium civilizations. Check out the video interview below:

In case you wondering who Gas Powered Games are, the studio is headed up by Chris Taylor and they have worked on a number of successful games and franchises such as Dungeon Siege and Supreme Commander many of the studios games are Real Time Strategy. The studio was previously worked with Microsoft on titles such as Dungeon Siege and has a studio head count of around 100 people making it similar in size to Ensemble Studios. Presumably not all of the studio will be working exclusively on Age Online as Microsoft had previously indicated they wanted studios smaller than Ensemble’s size to work on the franchise.

As we move into the future with Gas Powered Games there is as far as I know no one at the studio who has previously worked on the Age franchise before which is a great shame. However, Ensemble, Robot and Age fans should feel safe in the knowledge that a vast majority of Age Online design will have been put together at Robot Entertainment which has many of the same people from Ensemble Studios behind the project.  Despite Robot’s unfortunate departure, Age Online is still going to be a great game to play and is definitely something to be excited about when it launches later this year. With Orcs Must Die also coming out this year Ensemble fans will get to play some excellent games devised by many people of the late studio which isn’t exclusive to the iPhone and Mac platforms that we have seen so far!


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