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January 3, 2011

Robot Entertainment signs off from Age Community

January 3rd 2011 marks the day when Robot Entertainment officially retires from Age Community both the forum support and the support for ESO. Robot took over the support for Age Community and ESO shortly after Ensemble closed its doors In February 2009, the support in place at Robot was similar to the support offered at Ensemble. Microsoft has decided to take operations of Age 3 in house and will be lead by some of the same Community team behind Age of Empires Online plus a dedicated community administrator for Age Community.

Age Community has been updated with an announcement as follows:

Microsoft Colonizes Age of Empires III Support

As of today January 3rd, 2011, Microsoft Game Studios will officially be taking over support for Age of Empires III. All support emails and forum issues should be directed to MGS, as well as ESO maintenance and any other issues related to Age of Empires III. Robot Entertainment will be assisting Microsoft during the transition period, but will not remain active on the forums as an official support presence.

Robot Entertainment has been very proud to handle all maintenance and support for Age of Empires III while developing Age of Empires Online.

The Microsoft Games Community team that will be handling all support is:


It is a shame to see Robot Entertainment depart from Age 3 support. I am sure many were hoping for some extra balance changes for “The Asian Dynasties” expansion. I imagine no further patches for Age 3 will be forthcoming. As owner of Age of Empires, Microsoft is free to manage their communities in any way they please and have decided to take over operations themselves. This news should not be taken to the affect that Robot Entertainment is no longer willing to serve the community, I am certain they would of happily continued support if asked. Robot are continuing development with Age of Empires Online plus are hard at work on their secret Game 2.0 project. We might be seeing less of Robot on the forums but there is some great content to come both in the form of games and community! Stay tuned!


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