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January 25, 2011


Age of Empires Online – Egyptians revealed plus pricing model details

Alot of news has been floating around the internet today on various gaming websites such as IGN, Gamasutra and Joystiq reporting on the news that Microsoft has announced the Egyptians as a playable civilization in Age of Empires Online! This means that the Greeks and the Egyptians are the two civilisations announced so far for inclusion in Age of Empires Online. With this news comes a new trailer with a.. interesting ending plus a new graphic for AOE-O picturing the Greeks vs the Egyptians as below:

It looks like its the Red team vs Blue team! Currently as no other civilizations have been announced it is possible that AOE-O may launch with the Greeks and the Egyptions inititally with perhaps more civilizations becoming available as downloadable content in the future.

New Trailer “The Egyptians”

With another humorous ending as you might expect!

Downloadable Content & Pricing model

Also announced today was the pricing model that AOE-O will be adopting. We were initially told that the game will be free to play with decent sized premium content such as new civilizations and that there wont be a “nickel and dime” effect with micro-transactions such as buying different color helmets for units etc. Microsoft had updated the FAQ on the AOE-O website which details the route Microsoft is going to take with the game. The premium pack includes the ability to unlock Epic gear to upgrade units and unlock advisors which unlock further special units such as the Armored Elephant. Plus a whole bunch of new game play and more buildings for your Capital City For the full low down take a look at the FAQ:

Age of Empires Online payment model

What do you get for free?

The following features are free to play:

Familiar Age of Empires gameplay, and downloadable to any PC for free!

The greatest ancient civilizations, including Greeks and Egyptians.

Constantly new, exciting, and evolving content.

Quest, battle, chat, and trade with other players.

Build and show off your own custom Capital City.

Enjoy historical settings with gorgeous visuals and a cool new art style.

What is premium content?

Premium content packs offer dozens of hours of new gameplay, entirely new features, and an enhanced multiplayer experience:

Premium civilization packs offer an enhanced experience for your favorite civilization, including new gear, advisors, workshops, and PVP features.

Booster packs offer specific new features or storylines.

Vanity packs offer new items and historically themed architectural pieces for players interested in the ultimate level of customization for their Capital City.

What do you get when you upgrade to a Premium Civilization?*

Upgrade and take your civilizations to the next level by purchasing a Premium Civilization Pack, which adds a tremendous amount of gameplay and offers entirely new experiences. Premium civilization packs add the following to your gameplay experience:

Rare and epic gear: Unlock gear that makes your units more powerful, with unique designs to make your armies stand out in battle.

Advisors: In the Advisor Hall, you can unlock unique units, such as armored elephants and civilization powers.

Tech Tree: Experience the full Tech Tree with fantastic end-game Star Techs. For example, generate resources from your Market, have your troops bandage themselves, or make your people immune to conversion in battle.

Initiate player vs. player games: Set parameters for the gameplay you want and invite your friends to play,

Additional Inventory slots: More than double your inventory space.

More Workshops: Drastically improve your capital’s production with more workshops to create all the materials you need for crafting.

Craft Halls: Learn unit enhancements from additional Craft Halls and use them to your advantage in the game. You get seven to choose from, including the Military College, which enhances infantry; the Hunting Lodge, which enhances archers and missile units; and the Cavalry Hall, which enhances mounted units.

Empire Points: Get the ability to spend Empire Points on the best loot in the game. Empire Points reward you for having multiple civilizations.

In-game stores: Earn in-game currency from the stores in your Capital City.

*Content subject to change

So, are you just going to microtransact me to death?

No. There will be no microtransactions or subscriptions with Age of Empires Online. The additional premium content packs are robust offerings that provide dozens of hours of new gameplay, entirely new features, and an enhanced multiplayer experience.

Will there be a subscription fee?



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