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October 2, 2010

Won Choi and Bart Tiongson upload their art for the art blog

Two more art blogs are now available on the Robot Entertainment website. First up is Won Choi who is partnered with Planet Age of Empires. Won has come up with something a little different, something more lighthearted than previous art blogs in the series. Take a look at the below:

(Click to enlarge)

Won comments on his reasons for the light-hearted art as follows:

I didn’t want to do anything too serious style-wise this time.  I wanted to try something more fun and animated.  I think characters from Pixar and Disney movies influenced me to choose this style and thought this would be a great opportunity to explore it.   I can honestly say that I really enjoyed the experience from start to finish working on this piece.

Check out Won’s full blog post here and be sure to comment! :

Next up and partnered with RTS-Sanctuary we have Bart Tiongson with again something a little different – a girl and her robot ready for war.

I struggled a bit deciding the style. I really wanted to do a fun light hearted painting originally.  I was going to do something along the lines of Disney, or Pixar.  I also really like the artwork that’s done for The Gorillaz (music group) by artist Jamie Hewlett.  In the end though, I usually tend to fall back into my comfort zone and do a more “realistic” style.  I like gritty dark stuff with splashes of color here and there, and I tend to paint that way as well.

Take a look at the awesome result:

(Click to enlarge)

Yet another excellent piece of art. Again be sure to head over to the full blog and comment!

With the completion of these last art blogs we now have all entries complete in the Robot art blog. Next week a poll will be online at the Robot Entertainment website allowing you to vote for your favourite artists. Remember the community site partnered with the winning artist will receive a whole bunch of Robot Entertainment swag ready to give out to members of the community! Feel free to vote for Chris Moffitt, the Remember ES artist, but I encourage you to vote for the art which you think is the most awesome of them all. Good luck to all artists and community partners!

Here is a reminder of all the art blogs so far to help you refresh your memory and prepare youself to vote next week!

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