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October 16, 2010

Robot Entertainment art blog voting closes and website data loss

Its all over! After a week (and a few more days!) the voting for the art blog has completed. There were plenty of votes cast and in the end it looks like the winning art was Nate “N8” Stefan with his awesome military spider drone:-

Nate was very closely followed by Bart Tiongson with just a few votes but as Nate came out on top his partnered community website Age Heaven is set to receive an awesome Robot Entertainment swag bundle to give away to the community. Congratulations Age Heaven!

But thats not all! Robot Entertainment isnt just giving out swag bundles to Age Heaven, it looks like all community sites will be getting some funky Robot swag as well:

Thanks to everyone who voted for their favorite art! At the end of the day, N8 collected the most votes, so his partner community site, Age Heaven, will be receiving a bundle of Robot Entertainment swag to give away to their victorious community. But since so many of you from around the community came out to vote, that didn’t feel like quite enough for us. So we’ll be sending out swag bundles to all of the community sites that participated. If you’re a member at any of the sites below, be sure to check them out soon for your change to pick up some Robot Entertainment swag!

Thats right, all the community websites will be getting some swag, which means your chances of getting some of this swag increases too! Good news for everyone! Be sure to keep a close eye on all the community websites for giveaways and competitions. As soon as the package arrives here I will be making posts advising how you can get in with a chance to get some. So keep checking back! You might want to follow us on Twitter to be in the know as soon as it happens! Just follow

Its not all good news though..

With good news of course comes bad news to balance things out! You may have noticed that has been having some technical problems lately. This is because on Friday 15th October the servers where the website is hosted went down. The Robot’s sprung into action and the website is now online but unfortunately data has been lost. All forum posts made since the end of September have been lost and if you signed up to the forums since then you will need to create a new account. It is estimated more than 500 accounts have been lost.

Members who signed up before the end of September may also notice they no longer hold beta or vintage badges. Robot Entertainment has confirmed that they will work on restoring these badges in due course. Currently you do not have to do anything but if that changes I shall post an update.

It also means that precise numbers for the art blog voting are not known but I can confirm I did witness Nate Steffan in pole position shortly before the website went down.

Meanwhile hear is Robot Entertainment’s update on the situation:

Hey everyone –

As you may have noticed, earlier this evening was down for a while. Our web servers failed on us, and we lost some portions of the site. Our web team has feverishly worked to recover what we could from the site and get it back up and running. Unfortunately, we lost all forum and new member activity going back to about early September. If you signed up to the site since then, you’ll need to re-create your account. And if you were feverishly tracking any forum conversations from the last few weeks, they were unfortunately lost or truncated.

Over the next week we’ll be going through the site to get everything back to where it was this morning, including setting up badges again and updating FAQ files and game pages. If you see anything you have questions about or want to point out, please feel free to let us know over in the Support & Suggestions section of our forums.

Thanks again for your patience!

– Justin “SixOkay” Korthof,  Community Manager at Robot Entertainment

Any questions about this downtime should be directed to Robot’s support forums.


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