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September 24, 2010


Andrew Olsen paints a sad picture with a broken robot for the community art blog

Robot Entertainment concept artist Andrew Olsen has blogged with his entry into the community art blog partnering with the bitbag a video game news and review website. The latest art entry is as follows:

(click to enlarge)

Poor Robot! The graphic is open to alot of interpretation about what is going on although Andrew explains that the pilot of the bot has become marooned on an unknown planet and is surviing by the energy outputted by the broken Robot.

I wanted to create the sense that the robot is broken down, and whoever is in that hut has been there for a long time. I’ve heard a couple of different interpretations on what people think is happening in the image, but my original idea was for the pilot of the bot to have become marooned on an alien planet, powering his life support from the robot’s energy.

Be sure to enlarge the image above and have a look at just how detailed this art is. Fantastic. Also be sure to leave a comment on Andrew’s blog post below!


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