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August 11, 2010

Robot’s are heading to Gamescom!

August 17th may well be  an important date to add to your calendar this year as a bunch of bots from Robot Entertainment are heading up to the Gamescom trade fair in Germany. Gamescom is a place where publishers can show off game demos, trailers and announcements. Last year there were over 400 exhibitors ranging from major publishers like Activision and Microsoft to small “indie” studios.

Microsoft Game Studios publisher of Age of Empires, Halo Wars and parent company of the now closed Ensemble Studios will also be attending the event and they have stated in the press that they have plans to “announce a bunch of things” at the event. Eagle eyed Robot Entertainment follows might quickly deduce that Microsoft being a publisher of one of Robot’s upcoming games suggesting that it tends to announce a bunch of things in combination with bots from Robot Entertainment being on the scene very much adds to the possibility of a Robot Entertainment announcement!

Of course, this is just speculation. However, one does observe although a number of Robot employees have been on hand at various conferences this year (most recently Ian Fischer at Gamesauce) on this occasion a whole bunch of Robot’s are heading up, including community manager extraordinaire Justin Korthof.

If there is to be any Robot related announcements I am sure fans want to be the first to know. If you are not already following @RobotEnt on Twitter then you really should be come August 17th! Justin “SixOkay” Korthof will be keeping fans up to date on the bots activities at the event via the Twitter account. There may even be a few pictures too!

If you have any thoughts about what might be happening with Microsoft and Robot at Gamescom you can take your predictions to the Robot Entertainment forums where you can discuss with other budding fans what might (or might not!) be going on. Join in at :


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