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July 1, 2010

AOE3 forums on Age Community gets renamed “Age of Empires Forums”

Eagle eyed visitors to the Age of Empires 3 forums on Age Community might have noticed the heading text has changed from “AOE3 Forums” to a more generic “Age of Empires” forums. Could this indicate that the forums will now be used to discuss more than one Age game and not just Age 3? One might deduce that this could indicate that a new Age game is on the horizon and the forum name change allows Robot to utilise the Age Community address ( to support both Age3 and Age4(?).

Of course, this is all wild speculation but one must wonder why the forums have been renamed all of the sudden. .

Note: Only the heading text and page titles have changed –  graphics remain to be Age 3 related – so no getting too excited! – its been a slow news month so I thought I would post something to get peoples inquisitive minds thinking again 🙂


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