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March 9, 2010


Halo Wars community unhappy with Waypoint migration

Since Halo Waypoint’s take over of the Halo Wars community from March 1st there has been a large dissatisfaction with the new moderation team.

The overall feel of the community can be summed up from this screenshot taken on the 9th March 2010.

(click to enlarge)

Notice how after 2.5 days the post still has not been removed by Halo Waypoint. There are many other similar threads.

So far the migration to Waypoint has only demonstrated a lack of commitment from Microsoft about the Halo Wars Community. If Waypoint is not equipped to deal with the Halo Wars Community then arrangements should of been made for Robot Entertainment to continue the support under the community leadership of Duncan “Aloysius” Stanley who has been moderating the forum for over a year at Robot and longer in his role as “Lethe” at Ensemble Studios.

Hopefully Waypoint will react to the posts and start properly moderating soon.

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  1. Spartan-056
    Mar 17 2010

    And yet there is no response.
    This is turning into a carbon copy of The Lord of the Flies.

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