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Archive for September 30th, 2009


Chess with Friends for iPhone update incoming from NewToy


NewToy have announced on Twitter that they have just sent in an update for thier first iPhone game “Chess with Friends” to be reviewed by Apple for publication on the AppStore. Some of application updates include:

  • Push notifications,
  • Deleting games,
  • Facebook & Twitter challenges,
  •  and many other fixes and improvements

We’ll keep an eye out for when this update gets accepted onto the AppStore!


Microsoft resolve Age of Empires Bad CD Key error by handing CD keys over to Robot Entertainment


Players who have recently purchased copies of Age of Empires 3 have found themselves unable to play Age of Empires 3 on ESO after Microsoft failed to inform Robot Entertainment, now managing the support for Age 3 the CD Keys leaving players unable to create or upgrade accounts. Needless to say the inability to play online bemused many players and some commenting on the official community website.

However today Robot Entertainment has received the keys and Duncan Stanley, Community Manager for Robot Entertainment has updated the community as follows:

We just uploaded 10s of thousands of keys that we received from Microsoft late in the day.

 If you were getting the 100 bad cd-key error while trying to create an account, or upgrade an account, please try again.

If you receive the same error as before, please email with the subject Bad CD-key Error 100 with your cd-key.