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June 10, 2009

Robots react to community feedback with Halo Wars title update 3


A third title update is underway at Robot Entertainment and is once again aimed at addressing issues raised by the community at . Community Manager “Aloysius” announced on the website today that title update 3 will fix some the most talked about issues including the nerfing of the Warthogs. Team killing will also be getting a review. You can find the full statement below, stay tuned for more Halo Wars title update news!

“We’ve been listening to fan feedback since our release of Title Update #2 and DLC pack #1 Strategic Options and are pleased to announce that we are working on title Update #3. TU #3 is aimed at balance changes and a few bug fixes. We’re looking in to a variety of things such as reducing the effectiveness of Warthogs, friendly fire/team killing and a few other balance issues. We’re also planning on making Invisible Unit’s health bars invisible, among other fixes.

Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming Title Update, including more details on the balance changes. “


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