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February 2, 2009


Last tour of Ensemble Studios; cancelled game concepts revealed; half employees to follow Goodman to new studio


Today Gamasutra has published their last t our of Ensemble Studios at this link:

This is a must read for any Age, Halo Wars or Ensemble fan. I thought I would pick out some main points of the article:

Ensemble was working on a Halo MMO which was expected to be the full mission of the studio until its sudden cancellation by Microsoft

Other games prototyped included : a fantasy-adventure RPG called Sorcerer; Nova, a “Diablo in space” game; a pirate-themed take on Diablo; a game called Wrench; a Ratchet & Clank-style platformer called Bam (Read link above for details on these. Qouted from Gamasutra)

Half of Ensemble employees will join Tony Goodman in a new studio

The article contains many pictures of Ensemble Studios and prototype images which are well worth looking at.

Expect more press stories like these in the coming days along with announcements of Tony Goodman’s new studio.

It looked like Ensemble was an excellent place to work with employees shouting praises and willing to join Tony Goodman again for Ensemble round 2.

We’ll keep you up to date.


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