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Archive for February 27th, 2009


Halo Wars Universe expanded – video 1


The first Halo Wars Universe expanded video is no online at it discusses the storyline of Halo Wars and how it relates to some of the novels and the Halo FPS games.

Check it out here:


UPDATED: Robot to support Age Community come March


Robot is poised to resume Age Community moderation in March following the transition period from Ensemble Studios into Robot Entertainment. It is expected a moderator from Robot will make a post to the community informing everyone what the plans are. Robot has reported that the support for Age will be no less than it was when under the Ensemble Studios moderation.

Good news for fans!


Aloysius, community manager at Robot Entertainment has now confirmed that Robot is offcially taking over the Age of Empires 3 community and that support will be the same as that under Ensemble Studios. You can read the announcement below along with a direct link:


Hi everyone,

 I’m Aloysius and I’m the Community Manager at Robot Entertainment.

We’ll be taking the baton from Ensemble Studios for Age3 community and customer support.

We’ll be providing the same level of support that Ensemble always has, so expect a bigger presence on the forums.

A couple questions that I know a lot of people are asking:

Q:  Are you taking the ESO servers down?
A:  There are no plans to, and in fact we have been doing hardware and software upgrades to the servers so that they are even more stable, so you guys can keep on playing.

Q:  Can you make a fan-made patch official?
A:  Unfortunately that cannot take place due to legal reasons.  A Robot made patch may eventually come out, but there is no date set for that yet.